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We want to concentrate on health needs... counseling, hormone therapy, surgery, etc.
We want to help people who are suffering because they can not afford any of this.
And we want to reach out to people who don't even know this kind of help is available...
people who think they are alone.
We want to address the social issues as well.
No operation can remove the constant pain that society inflicts upon people who are different.
We want to support all people, but will start with the six New England states: Maine,
New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Even within these six states it will take a while to establish support.
Who is this for? Anyone with sexual identity issues. Period.
Young or old, male to female, female to male, religious or not, etc.

Here Are Our Goals:
- To become knowledgeable of the healthcare providers (in each state)
that have extensive knowledge of and concern for transgender issues.
- To give people with sexual identity issues this information about
these healthcare providers; counselors, therapists, primary physicians,
- To give financial aid to anyone who can not afford therapy and/or surgery.
- To encourage people with sexual identity issues to create a community.
- To facilitate/organize situations where trans people, individually or as
a group, can have positive social interaction with other communities...
the rest of the world.
- To help educational, social and government organizations/institutions
come to know, acknowledge and deal with transgender health and social issues.
- To become knowledgeable of legal problems that transgender people sometimes
have. Find lawyers (in each state) that have extensive knowledge of and
concern for transgender issues.

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